Allison Myers-Pigg, Ph.D.

Julia joined our team in 2017 as a SULI intern, graduating from Weslayan University, and has worked on various projects examining biogeochemical cycling and plant ecophysiology along the terrestrial-aquatic continuum. In 2018, Julia was promoted to post-bachelors research associate to continue playing a key role in several interdisciplinary projects.

Katherine joined our team in 2019 after graduating from Oregon State University with a B.S. in Geology and Environmental Sciences.  At PNNL she is involved with research examining biogeochemistry along the terrestrial-aquatic interface, specifically the cycling of dissolved organic matter.

Katherine Landoni

Cailene Gunn, 2016-2018 (currently PNNL Research Scientist)

Julia Indivero

Post-Doctoral Research Associates

Krystal Krygowski, 2019

Stephanie Cando, 2018

Tyler Cook, 2018

Julia Indivero, 2017-2018 (currently post-bachelors RA)

Aditi joined our team as a postdoc in 2018 after completing a postdoc at the University of Arizona and doctoral studies at Ohio State University. Aditi's primary research interest is soil microbiology. At PNNL, Aditi plays a key role in mentoring junior staff and guiding research efforts on several interdisciplinary projects examining microbial interactions and biogeochemical cycling across the interface of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. 

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Allison joined our team in 2019 after completing a postdoc at Memorial University of Newfoundland studying the effects of climate on boreal forest ecosystems. She received her PhD in Oceanography in 2016 from Texas A&M University and her BSc in Oceanography from the University of Washington in 2011.  She conducts interdisciplinary research spanning atmospheric, terrestrial, riverine and oceanic environments, with an emphasis on understanding perturbations to and shifts in biogeochemical cycling across such ecosystems.

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Nick Ward

Past SULI interns

Matt Norwood, Ph.D.

Matt joined our team in 2019 after completing a postdoc at Memorial University of Newfoundland and PhD in Chemical Oceanography in 2016 from Texas A&M University. His research focuses on the effects of land-use and vegetation shifts, including biomass burning, on the fate of terrestrial organic carbon in coastal environments. At PNNL, Matt uses a combination of geochemical proxies and greenhouse gas measurements to understand biogeochemical linkages between soils, vegetation, water, and sediments.

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Past Post-bachelor's Research Associates

Aditi Sengupta, Ph.D.

Post-Bachelors Research Associates

Current SULI interns

Ecosystems Research

Ecosystems Research Team

Innovation requires a diversity of thinking and widespread collaboration. Our goal is to connect researchers across the globe to drive the scientific community towards addressing society's greatest concern--sustainable management of earth and human systems. Below are a few individuals that play a core role in the broad portfolio of research presented here:

Nick Ward, PhD    

Research Scientist  at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Marine Sciences Laboratory (MSL); Affiliate Assistant Professor at the University of Washington, School of Oceanography

Nick has spent his career broadly examining earth systems from biogeochemical and hydrological perspectives. In addition to performing basic research, Nick also manages the Mercury Analytical Laboratory at MSL and a portfolio of trace metal and mercury speciation monitoring projects focused on environmental compliance/remediation. Among his primary research interests are:

•  The connectivity of hydrologic and biogeochemical cycles across ecosystems,
• The sensitivity of ecosystem dynamics and services to future change, and
• The sustainability of resource management practices.

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