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Nick Ward, PhD    

Other Publications

​​​Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (2019) STAR Workshop: Terrestrial-Aquatic Research in Coastal Systems. PNNL-28635. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, Washington. Workshop Chairs: Megonigal, P. and Ward, N.D.

Ward, N.D., Bianchi, T.S., Medeiros, P.M., Seidel, M., Keil, R.G., Robinson, C. (2017) E-Book: Integrative research on organic matter cycling across aquatic gradients. Frontiers in Marine Science. Doi: 10.3389/978-2-88945-212-5



Schafer, T., Ward, N.D., Julian, P., Reddy, K.R., Osborne, T.Z. (2020) Impacts of hurricane disturbance on water quality across the aquatic continuum of a black-water river to estuary complexJournal of Marine Science and Engineering. 8 (12). doi:10.3390/jmse8060412 

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Coppola, A.I.,
Seidel, M., Ward, N.D., Viviroli, D., Haghipour, N., Nascimento, G.S., Jones, M., Revells, B.N., Abiven, S., Jones, M., Richey, J.E., Eglinton, T.I., Dittmar, T., Schmidt, M.W.I. (2019) Marked isotopic variability within and between the Amazon River and marine dissolved black carbon pools. Nature Communications. 10 (4018). doi: 10.1038/s41467-019-11543-9

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Manuscripts in review


Norwood, M.J., Ward, N.D., McDowell, N.G., Myers-Pigg, A.N., Bond-Lamberty, B., Pennington, S., Wang, W., Kirwan, M., Hopple, A.M., Megonigal, J.P. (in review) Accumulation of tree stem methane in association with diverse disturbance regimes. Submitted to Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences

Richey, J.E., Spencer, R., Drake, T.W., Ward, N.D. (in review) Fluvial carbon dynamics across the land to ocean continuum of great tropical rivers: the Amazon and Congo. AGU Monograph Series. In Congo Basin Hydrology, Climate, and Biogeochemistry: A Foundation for the Future. Edited by Alsdorf, D.E., Tshimanga, R., Moukandi, G.

Sawakuchi, H.O., Bastviken, D., Enrich-Prast, A., Ward, N.D., Rodrigues Bastos, W., Richey, J.E., Ballester, M.V.R., Krusche, A.V. (in review) Low methane emissions from the main channel of a large Amazonian run-of-the-river reservoir attributed to high methane oxidation. Submitted to Frontiers in Earth Science

Valerio, A.M., Kampel, M., Ward, N.D., Sawakuchi, H.O., Cunha, A.C., Krusche, A.V., Richey, J.E. (in review) Assessment of partial pressure of carbon dioxide in the Amazon River plume using in situ and remote sensing data. Submitted to Continental Shelf Research

Wang, W., McDowell, N., Pennington, S., Grossiord, C., Leff, R., Ward, N.D., Megonigal, J.P., Bond-Lamberty, B., Bailey, V. (in review). Homeostatic tree growth, transpiration, and water-use efficiency between shoreline and upland red maple (Acer rubrum) trees in a coastal forest. Submitted to Agricultural and Forest Meteorology

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